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Autor Thema: Admin Application  (Gelesen 15076 mal)

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Admin Application
« am: 25.09.2017 12:09:23 »
Hello, My Name is Harry and i am 16 years old, I would like to become an admin on Your server Stranded because i have a really fun time with my friends on that server. I am on playing Stranded a lot of the time! I have Played on your server for about 3 weeks now!
My Steam Profile is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198283123851/

I Have had lots of experience of being an Admin on servers, I have been an admin on Posiden Prop hunt servers for 2 months and and i have had a lot of admin experience on other games that have the same concept.
I would love to be an Admin because i love making community's a better place and  keeping servers fun for everyone who plays it, I find being an Admin is a big responsibility and having people trust you in this responsibility is a Great thing!!